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Parties & Party Systems


Barriers to Entry into Israeli Politics

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Peer-reviewed journal papers

Barriers to Entry into a Political System: A Theoretical Framework and Empirical Application from the Israeli Experience

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Edited Books and Special Issues

Parties, Elections and Cleavages: Israel in Comparative and Theoretical Perspective

    eds., 2000.With Hazan, R., London and Portland, OR: Frank Cass. Also appeared as a Special Issue of Israel Affairs, 6(2), Pp. 219.


Book Chapters

On the Structure of Party Competition: The Impact of Maverick Issues

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Towards Political Union: Assessing Two Strategies of EPU

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The History of Zionism

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Parties, Elections and Cleavages: Israel in Comparative and Theoretical Perspective

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Meeting the Public Interest: A Platform for Reforms in the Knesset Committees

    2012. in: Law & The Man, Festschrift for Amnon Rubinstein. Law & Business 14, pp. 543-558 (Hebrew).